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Coffee and Considerations

You're invited to join us in coffee and considerations, a time to discover and practice how to integrate the work of the Summer Series into your life.


Weekly Consideration Topics

Here's a look into the future of topics and practices we will be exploring with you and an excellent beverage of your choice. This page will be updated every 4 weeks. Stay tuned for new topics. 

Go Outside

Single-pointed focus. Take time outside in nature and spend time taking in a plant or the sky. Notice your breath. Notice what you notice. Spend about 5 minutes on your way to work, at lunch or on your way home to take in a simple moment.

Mudita meditation - Joyful meditation

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RAIN meditation

RAIN Meditation (recognize, allow, investigate, and nurture)

Intentions Practical

Bringing intention into your workplace - By starting the day being clear in your intention brings clarity and steadiness to your day.

Ex: Practice: setting intention at the workplace… goals… priorities…Remember the mantra: mindfulness…non-judgement (remember to ask questions/stay curious)... awareness, intention

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